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Summit Certified Service

When you bring your bike to Summit Bicycles’ Service Department you can be certain that it is in good hands. Our service staff routinely attends product and service clinics so that they are always in the know about the latest in bicycle repair and maintenance. Our experienced, trained, and certified mechanics have all of the tools and skills to ensure that your ride runs as smoothly as the day you first brought it home.

1-Day Turn Around

Most services can be completed as you browse our store and take a little relaxing break. If the repair requires a bit more TLC, Summit can guarantee that you’ll be back on your ride in 1 business day or less. If parts are needed to be ordered, we will complete the repair as soon as the parts arrive.

Please see below for our most popular service packages.

COMPLETE OVERHAUL (2 Years) $29999

Get your bike back to new! We will completely tear down your bike and rebuild. A great way to get you ready for the season

  • Complete teardown of bike
  • Replace all cables and Housing
  • Thoroughly clean bike
  • Deep Ultra-Sonic Drivetrain cleaning
  • True wheels vertically and latterally
  • Replace pivot bearings (Full Suspension)
  • Overhaul Suspension

* Parts not included

ANNUAL TUNEUP (1Year)  $13999

Refresh your drivetrain with an ultra-sonic cleaning and tune up of your bike                                                   

  • Comprehensive truing and dishing of wheels
  • Complete drivetrain cleaning
  • Tune shifting & Braking

FULL TUNE-UP (6month) $8999

Keep your bike running smooth! This includes a tuning of all shifting and braking systems on your bike                  

  • Tune brakes and shifting
  • Wipe down frame
  • True wheels latterally


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