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The Best Bikes for Families

Put down the screens. Go for a bike ride.

Nothing beats a family bike ride when you're looking to disconnect from devices and connect with each other. These are some of the best bikes for staying active as a family and enjoying your time on two wheels. We've got hybrids and comfortable cruisers for Mom and Dad, as well as tons of options for kids and toddlers of all ages and abilities.

Leave those poorly built Walmart bikes in the rack where they belong. We carry models from the best bike brands in the industry like Trek and Electra, and we know you and your kids will love them. Check out this page and find the perfect bikes for your family.

Hybrid Bikes

Our Favorite Hybrid Bike

The Batch Commuter

Batch Commuter hybrid bike

Great versatility
What’s your goal? Ride comfortably with the family? Start commuting to work by bike? Get in a few workouts per week? These versatile hybrids are the perfect choice for the person who wants one bike to do it all.

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The Batch Commuter hybrid bike is our favorite right now.

Comfort Bikes

Our Favorite Comfort Bike

The Trek Verve 3 Disc

Trek Verve 3 Comfort Bike

All Day Comfort
If your bike’s seat and positioning are making family bike rides a nightmare, it’s time to get yourself a bike you’ll actually enjoy riding with your kids. These comfort bikes keep your body upright and feature wide, soft seats that will make neighborhood cruises a blast.

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The Trek Verve 3 comfort bike is our favorite right now.


Our Favorite Cruiser Bike

The Electra Cruiser 1 Step-Thru

Electra Cruisers

Superior Style
It’s no wonder that cruiser bikes are so popular. They look great and they’re comfortable to ride, so what more could you ask for? Check out our selection of cruisers and find the perfect new set of wheels for getting around your area. Maybe if they’re lucky those kids can ride it when they’re older. Maybe.

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The Electra Cruiser 1 Step-Thru bike is our favorite right now.

Kids Bikes

Our Favorite Kid's Bike

The Trek Precaliber 20

Trek Precaliber 20 Kids Bikes

Confidence-building Fun
These kids’ bikes are fun, safe, and durable enough to be loved by your child. We carry models in every size, from little balance bikes for brand new riders to killer mountain bikes for the dirt devils out there. They’ll love the cool colors and features, and you’ll love having quality you can count on.

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The Trek Precaliber 20 kid's bike is our favorite right now.

Kids Bike Trailers

Our Favorite Kid's Trailer

The Burely Minow

Burley Minow Kids Trailers

Safe and Sound
Taking your kids along for a bike ride is one of the best things to do with as a family. By pulling a sit-inside trailer or attaching a trail-a-bike, you and your kids can enjoy exploring without tiring them out. Trailers are great for getting your crew out an about while keeping you young ones comfy, and tag along bikes are great for building confidence.

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The Burley Minow trailer is our favorite right now.

Kid's Bike Sizing Chart

Child's Age or Height

Suggested Size


Feet and Inches

Centimeters (Metric)


2 - 5 years

2' 10" - 3' 7"

85 - 110

Balance bikes

2 - 4 years

2' 10" - 3' 4"

85 - 100

12" wheel diameter

5 - 7 years

3' 4" - 4' 0"

100 - 120

16" wheel diameter

7 - 9 years

4' 0" - 4' 5"

120 - 135

20" wheel diameter

9 - 11 years

4' 5" - 4' 9"

135 - 145

24" wheel diameter

11+ years

4' 9"+


26" wheel diameter

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