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Forbidden Bikes Guide

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At Summit we pride ourselves on carrying innovative (and awesome) brands that we know our customers will love. That’s why we’re so excited to be your Forbidden Bikes dealer in the Bay Area and beyond. This small mountain bike company from British Columbia has created two killer models that absolutely shred, so keep reading to learn all about Forbidden and what makes them so unique.

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Forbidden Druid

Forbidden Druid in Mr Brownstone color

Color: Mr Brownstone

Forbidden Druid in Blue Steel color

Color: Blue Steel

Forbidden Druid OVERVIEW

Intended use: aggressive trail

Wheels: full 29" or mullet (29" front / 27.5" rear)

Front travel: 150mm 

Rear travel: 130mm

Forbidden Druid For Sale

Forbidden Druid Details

The Forbidden Druid is a thoughtfully designed trail bike and the flagship model in the Forbidden lineup. 

It’s designed to provide riders with tons of speed and stability on steep, chunky trails by taking advantage of a high pivot suspension system and capable geometry. However, the Druid retains the more nimble handling you’d expect on a modern trail bike thanks to its well-balanced, size-specific geometry.

In short, it’s a great take on a super capable trail bike. It eats heavy-hitting trails while providing a lively ride that’s a blast to take anywhere, and the unique suspension system adds an extra level of smoothness and speed.

With Fobidden's Ziggy Link, you can transform your full 29er Druid into a corner slashing mullet bike that adds a whole new level of fun. Currently, you can also buy the Druid GX kit that comes as a mullet.

Forbidden Druid Geometry

As an aggressive trail bike, the Forbidden Druid’s geometry gives riders plenty of confidence when when things get hairy. At the same time, the Druid is meant to be fun everywhere, not just the steeps, so the geometry is kept balanced enough to excel all over the mountain.

For example, the 65.5° head tube angle on the full 29er helps you stay in control at speed and through the chunk while retaining enough responsiveness to stay agile. The generous (but not too DH-minded) reach gives you plenty of room in the air and on the downs but won’t feel sluggish on climbs and transfers.

Another well-designed feature is the 4 different chainstay lengths (rear center) between the 4 different sizes. This allows the Druid to be even better dialed in for different riders, giving everyone a bike that really fits and really rips.

Druid Full 29"SMLXL
Hori. Top Tube Length580604627651
Seat Tube Length400420450490
Seat Tube Angle (Effective)75.575.675.675.6
Seat Tube Angle (Actual)71.773.374.675.5
Head Tube Length90105120135
Head Tube Angle65.565.665.665.6
Front Center734760787813
Rear Center414426438450
Wheel base1149118712251263
BB Drop-32.7-32.7-32.7-32.7
BB Height340340340340
Stand Over724724730736
Fork Length557.1557.1557.1557.1
Fork Offset44444444
Druid Mullet  (29/27.5)SMLXL
Hori. Top Tube Length580604627651
Seat Tube Length400420450490
Seat Tube Angle (Effective)
Seat Tube Angle (Actual)71.272.874.175.1
Head Tube Length90105120135
Head Tube Angle65.
Front Center734760787813
Rear Center415427439451
Wheel base1150118812261264
BB Drop-27.1-27.1-27.1-27.1
BB Height334334334334
Stand Over724724730736
Fork Length557.1557.1557.1557.1
Fork Offset44444444

Forbidden Dreadnought

Forbidden Dreadnought in Stealth color

Color: Stealth

Forbidden Dreadnought in Deep Space color

Color: Deep Space

Forbidden Dreadnought OVERVIEW

Intended use: enduro / bike park

Wheels: 29"

Front travel: 170mm 

Rear travel: 154mm

Forbidden Dreadnought For Sale

Forbidden Dreadnought Details

The Forbidden Dreadnought is a forest-shaking enduro bike that's designed to take on the most challenging trails and bike park lines on the mountain. 

The Dreadnought expands on the Druid's popular high pivot suspension system while simultaneously upping the travel, slackening the geometry, and generally creating a shred sled that knows no bounds. 

Dreadnought offers great traction and control on fast downhills, and although it's more gravity-focused than the Druid, you'll still feel plenty cable if you love earning your turns.

The Dreadnought coms in two complete versions that are built up as 29ers, but like the Druid, with the addition of the Ziggy link you can swap the rear wheel for a 27.5 mullet setup.

Forbidden Dreadnought Geometry

The Forbidden Dreadnought's downhill-focused geometry gives riders the confidence to take on steeper and faster lines by keeping the bike low, slack and long. The 63.5° head tube angle, low BB height, and longer wheelbase adds serious stability on the gnarliest trails.

As with the Druid, Forbidden employs its One Ride proportional geometry on the Dreadnought to ensure small riders, tall riders, and everyone in between have a bike that's dialed in like custom. They achieved this by making each frame size use unique tube lengths and profiles.

Forbidden Dreadnought GeometrySMLXL
Hori. Top Tube Length593617641665
Seat Tube Length400420450490
Seat Tube Angle (Effective)76767676
Seat Tube Angle (Actual)73.074.776.177.1
Head Tube Length90100110120
Head Tube Angle63.563.563.563.5
Front Center781808834861
Rear Center422436450464
Wheel base1203124412841325
BB Drop-26-26-26-26
BB Height347347347347
Stand Over721721727733
Fork Length583.71583.71583.71583.71
Fork Offset44444444
Dreadnought mullet (29/27.5)SMLXL
Hori. Top Tube Length594618642666
Seat Tube Length400420450490
Seat Tube Angle (Effective)75.575.675.675.6
Seat Tube Angle (Actual)72.674.375.776.7
Head Tube Length90100110120
Head Tube Angle63.
Front Center781808834861
Rear Center418432446460
Wheel base1200124012811321
BB Drop-19.9-19.9-19.9-19.9
BB Height340.7340.7340.7340.7
Stand Over721721727733
Fork Length583.71583.71583.71583.71
Fork Offset44444444

Forbidden Bikes Tech

Trifecta Suspension System

At the heart of Forbidden Bikes is their Trifecta suspension system, composed of three main components: the high pivot itself, the rate control linkage, and the idler pulley. These three features work in harmony to create the amazing ride quality that the Druid and Dreadnought have been praised for. Read on to get a glimpse of how it works.

Forbidden bikes uses a high pivot suspension system

High Pivot Suspension

The high pivot, linkage-driven design gives the back wheel a rearward axle path, which has been proven to better absorb impacts an increase overall speed by moving with, not against, the trail.

Rate Control Linkage

Rate control linkage allows the different stages of shock compression to be individually tuned, resulting in a leverage curve that's dialed in for modern trail demands at every point in the travel.

Idler Pulley

The Forbidden idler pulley prevents pedal kickback and helps improve pedaling efficiency by fine-tuning the anti-squat characteristics. The result is a more natural, more efficient ride.

Ziggy Link

Forbidden's Ziggy Link allows you to turn your full 29" Druid or Dreadnought into a more playful mullet wheel setup. It replaces the lower link from the two part rate control linkage and slightly alters the geometry to fit a smaller wheel.

Forbidden Bikes Size Chart

5'2" - 5'6"5'6" - 5'10"5'10" - 6'2"6'2" - 6'6"

Forbidden Bikes Extra Parts

Forbidden Bikes FAQs

Are Forbidden bikes good?

Absolutely. Forbidden makes two killer mountain bikes that utilize a smart design and high end components to suit the styles of both rowdy trail riders and thrill-seeking enduro riders.

Where are Forbidden bikes made?

Forbidden Bikes is based in Vancouver Island, British Columbia, but the frames themselves are constructed overseas.

How much does a Forbidden bike cost?

  • Forbidden Druid frame: $3,249.00
  • Forbidden Druid SLX: $5,399.00
  • Forbidden Druid XT: $6,699.00
  • Forbidden Druid GX: $6,599.00
  • Forbidden Dreadnought frame: $3,599.00
  • Forbidden Dreadnought SLX: $5,699.00
  • Forbidden Dreadnought XT: $7,399.00

What type of bike is the Forbidden Druid?

The Forbidden Druid is an aggressive trail bike that excels all over the mountain.

Is the Forbidden Druid carbon?

Yes the Forbidden Druid features a carbon fiber frame with internal routing in the top tube, and different tube profiles for each specific size.

How much travel does the Forbidden Dreadnought have?

170mm front wheel travel and 154mm rear wheel travel

Are high pivot bikes better?

High pivot bikes create a rearward axle path that has been proven to improve speed and smoothness.

What is rearward axle path?

Rearward axle path refers to a suspension system that makes the rear wheel travel backwards as the suspension compresses. Most systems’ axle paths travel up and down, but rearward axle path allows the wheel to move out of the way of obstacles in a way that creates a faster, smoother ride.