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Summit's Wicked Winter Warehouse Sale
November 22 - December 19

Holiday shopping can be tough, but it doesn't have to be! We want to make the gift giving season easier by giving discounts on some of the most popular bike gear and accessories that we know the cyclist in your life will love. Sales apply to in-stock items only. Read on to browse all the deals and track down the perfect gift!

Buy a Summit Bicycles Gift Card

Summit Bicycles Gift Cards

Stumped at what to get? Not sure what they already have or what they'll like? Make things easy on everyone by giving them a gift card they can redeem for the exact gear they've got their eye on. 

You can choose an in-store gift card that they can bring to one of our 5 Bay Area locations or select an online shopping card for people who know exactly what they want.

Save $450 On In-Stock Trek Allant+ 8s
Electric Commuter Bikes

Ride in style, faster and farther than ever

Shop Trek Allant+ 8s

Trek Allant+ 8s

The Trek Allant+ 8s is an incredible electric commuter bike from one of the world's top brands. It's designed to help rider go faster and farther with less effort, opening new doors to a healthier lifestyle. 

The motor assists up to 28mph and comes with different speed modes so you can work as much or a little as you want. Racks, fenders, and integrated smart lights give you everything you need to take to the streets. It's the perfect way to ditch your car and get more pedal power in your life.

Who's it perfect for? 
Anyone who wants to commute on bike or explore new possibilities with a faster, more fun ride.

Save $450 Off Trek Allant+ 8s

10% Off All In-Stock
Fox Forks, Shocks, & Droppers

Upgrade to the best in suspension technology

Fox Forks, Shocks, and Droppers

When it comes to trail performance, no one does it better than Fox. As suspension experts we firmly believe they're the best in the business and we put their forks, shocks, and dropper posts on our own personal mountain bikes. We're psyched to be able to give our great customers a discount on Fox components.

Who's it perfect for?
Fox suspension is the perfect gift for mountain bikers who want the best trail performance possible

Shop 10% Off Fox Suspension

10% Off Select Wahoo Smart Trainers

Train like a pro, ride your best

Wahoo Smart Trainers

Wahoo smart trainers are easily the most popular indoor trainers on the market right now. With easy integration to great riding apps like Zwift, smart trainers help riders get the most out of their workouts by automatically adjusting resistance to fit predesigned training plans. Plus, riders can compete against their friends in virtual races and have a dependable cycling outlet when the weather gets nasty.

Who's it perfect for?
Wahoo smart trainers are perfect for riders who want to train like the pros do and become faster than ever

Wahoo KICKR CORE Smart Trainer

The Wahoo KICKR CORE is one of the best smart trainers out right now. It can simulate a 16% climb, offers 1800W of power, and is accurate within 2%. The ride feel is super realistic and the connectivity to training apps makes this model a favorite among serious riders.

Wahoo KICKR Power Trainer v5

The Wahoo KICKR Power Trainer is an elite smart trainer that is as good or better than any other model out there. The KICKR Power Trainer comes with its own cassette, offers 2200W of power, simulates up to 20% climbs, and allows 5° of side-to-side movement for even more realistic ride quality. It's the weapon of choice for pro riders everywhere.

10% Off In-Stock SRAM GX AXS Upgrade Kits

Make any SRAM drivetrain wireless

SRAM GX AXS Upgrade Kit

The SRAM GX AXS Upgrade Kit is the most affordable way to have a wireless drivetrain. With the GX AXS derailleur and remote, you can use your existing SRAM Eagle cassette and take your shifting to the next level of performance.

Who's it perfect for?
This gift is perfect for mountain bikers who love high performance tech

Shop 10% Off SRAM GX AXS Upgrade Kits

20% Off All In-Stock Lazer Helmets

Stay safe, comfortable, and stylish

Lazer Helmets

Lazer is one of our favorite helmet brands and our customers love them. They have great-looking designs for road, mountain, and commuting and they are extremely comfortable. We've got models in all price ranges so whether you need something affordable or you want to wow them with a high performance model, we've got you covered right here at Summit.

Who's it perfect for?
Riders who want a comfortable helmet that looks awesome and offers great protection

Shop 20% Off Lazer Helmets

20% Off In-Stock Bike Lights 

See and be seen out on the roads and trails

Bike Lights

Riding with a bike light is one of the simplest, most effective things you can do to stay safe while riding, especially for road cyclists and anyone who shares the streets with cars. We've got some great options in our catalog so check them out below!

Who's it perfect for?
Mountain bikers who ride at night and road cyclists