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SRAM GX Eagle AXS Upgrade Kit

Make ANY Eagle Drivetrain Wireless

What is the SRAM GX Eagle AXS upgrade kit?

The SRAM GX Eagle AXS upgrade kit is a new way to turn any SRAM Eagle drivetrain into a super-fast, ultra-precise wireless electronic drivetrain. 

The kit gives you everything you need to improve your ride quality tenfold thanks to an all new wireless derailleur and controller. 

At $600 it's the most affordable wireless electronic drivetrain system out there.

Read the guide to learn all about the upgrade kit, or head right to the product page.

sram GX Eagle AXS drivetrain

Who's it for?

The SRAM GX Eagle AXS upgrade kit is made for riders who are already running a SRAM Eagle drivetrain and want an insanely good performance upgrade at a more affordable price point. 

You won't have to splurge for a full AXS groupset with this killer solution and you'll still get all the great benefits of a premium AXS drivetrain.

Why get the GX Eagle AXS Upgrade Kit?

Wireless electronic shifting

No wires means less clutter and a new ergonomic standard that works by pressing buttons instead of pulling triggers.

Faster, more precise shifts

Enjoy fast, perfect shifting, even when climbing or sprinting. It feels so crisp and reliable that you'll never go back to cables.

More Ride Data

Use the AXS App to learn helpful data like how much you're shifting and how frequently you use each gear.


Smart AND tough. This system uses Overload Clutch Protection to protect the derailleur and hanger by disengaging the gearbox during impact, and returns right to the proper place afterwards.

Personalized programming

Suit your preference by customizing the controller to make the paddles shift up, shift down, or active a dropper post.

WaterProof and Dust proof

This is for mountain bikes after all. Never worry about a rainy or dusty ride. The GX Eagle AXS system is fully water proof and dust proof to the IP69K standard.

What's in the GX AXS Upgrade Kit?

SRAM GX Eagle AXS upgrade kit

GX Eagle AXS Derailleur

The impact-resistant derailleur takes ride quality to a whole new level with ultra-fast and precise shifting.

GX Eagle AXS Controller

The customizable controller features improved ergonomics and long battery life for the ultimate riding experience.

battery and Charger

The compact, fast-charging, long-lasting battery will keep you ready to ride.

Eagle chain gap tool

The Eagle chain gap tool works for all Eagle drivetrains and set the derailleur in the perfect position so there's no guesswork.

SRAM AXS App with GX Eagle AXS derailleur

Get the upgrade kit right here at Summit Bicycles

If you're sold on the great benefits of the GX Eagle AXS upgrade kit, check out the product page to learn more and get yours before they're all gone.

FAQs for SRAM GX Eagle AXS Upgrade Kit

Will the upgrade kit fit my bike?

The GX Eagle AXS upgrade kit will work with any SRAM Eagle drivetrain.

Can GX Eagle AXS connect to my smartphone?

Yes, via Bluetooth through the SRAM AXS App

How long does the derailleur battery last?

A fully charged GX Eagle AXS battery will last for about 20 hours of riding time.

Can I use RED eTap AXS shift levers with the GX Eagle AXS derailleur?


What type of battery does the GX Eagle AXS controller use and how long does it last?

The GX Eagle AXS controller uses a simple CR2032 watch battery that will last around 2 years. 

Can I customize the controller button functions?

By using the AXS App you can assign different functions to different paddles on the controller, so you can make any of the paddles initiate an inboard shift, an outboard shift, or dropper post activation.

How do I know when to charge the derailleur battery and how long does it last?

Use the AXS App or just press the button on the shifter; a green light means you have or are close to a full charge, a red light means you have or are close to 50% battery, and a red flashing light means you need to charge the battery. The battery itself will last for about 20 hours of riding.

What colors are available for GX Eagle AXS?

GX Eagle AXS is only available in the lunar colorway.

What chainrings are compatible with GX Eagle AXS?

SRAM Eagle chainrings from 30T to 38T will work with GX Eagle AXS.

What cassettes are compatible with GX Eagle AXS?

Both 10-50T & 10-52T Eagle cassettes are compatible with the GX Eagle AXS system.