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Brand + Category Guides

At Summit Bicycles, we understand there's a lot of products and even more information out there, so we compiled several resources and guides that will help you start your search for your next bike. 

When you have the right information, finding that perfect ride is that much easier, and we want to assist you in finding something you'll absolutely love.

Brand Guides

So you're thinking about a new bike, but unsure of which to buy? Welcome to the club. Buying the right bike often begins with lots of research on what it is you want out of your equipment and finding out which bikes suit your needs best. That can be a lot of work, and sometimes we aren't sure where to start.

For that reason, we've built brand guides that delve into the specifics of bikes from top brands to help you along in your journey towards your next big purchase. Learn more about a brand and the models they offer, then come in and see us for a test ride or to ask more questions. We're here to help.

2020-2021 Santa Cruz Buyer's Guide

No matter what your style, if you like to ride off-road, Santa Cruz has some incredible models you're sure to drool over.

2020-2021 Yeti BIkes Buyer's Guide

Check out the new gravity-loving trail, enduro, and cross country bikes from your favorite Colorado company.

Trek FX Hybrid Bikes Buyer's guide

The Trek FX is a bike for everyone. Check out how this versatile hybrid is great for fitness, commuting, recreation, and more.

Bontrager Bike parts, Accessories, Clothing & gear

We love Bontrager for its killer quality, value, and warranties. Bontrager is our most popular brand of accessories, parts, clothing and cycling shoes.

Evil bikes Buyer's guide

Born in the Pacific Northwest, Evil bikes are more viscous than the heart-stopping trails they were built to shred.

trek gravel bikes guide

Check out Trek's gravel models that are perfect for races, adventure, and bringing more fun into your rides.

Haibike Electric bikes guide

Check out Haibike electric bikes that are perfect for mountain, adventure, and your daily commute. Powerful motors and proven technology.

2018-2019 Yeti Cycles Buyer's Guide

Find your next dream mountain bike from Yeti Cyles in this deep dive into the 2018-2019 Yeti lineup.

2018-2019 Santa Cruz Buyer's Guide

Find a dream bike from California's own Santa Cruz in this look at their entire lineup.

pivot cycles Buyer's Guide

Explore the wildly capable bikes of this iconic mountain biking brand from Temple, Arizona.

Category Guides

With new products coming out regularly, it can be hard to keep up and understand all the details. We've built category guides to help eliminate some confusion and provide you with detailed information that you can use when making your next big purchase.

These category guides will answer your big questions about gravel and electric bikes and pedals. Plus, our Where To Ride Mountain guide will point out some great areas to hit the trails. Go ahead and check them out!

2020-2021 Winter Gear Guide

Check out our favorite winter cycling gear that will help you stay warm and dry on cold weather rides. 

2020 Car rack guide

2020-2021 Car Rack Guide

Looking for the perfect car rack for your vehicle? We've broken down some of our favorites for you to compare so you can find the best bike transport solution possible.

Gravel Bike Central

Learn about + find your dream Gravel Bike with this deep dive into Gravel Bikes at Summit Bicycles. 

Electric Bikes Guide

Learn about electric bikes and the brands we carry so you can make an informed purchase or come in asking the right questions.

Pedal Guide

Lost on which pedals to get? Let our extensive Pedal Guide answer your questions and help you easily find your best fit.

Where to Ride Mountain in The Bay

See some of the best of the Bay Area which has been dubbed the birthplace of mountain biking.

Bontrager Wavecel Helmets

Bontrager has taken bike helmet safety to a new level with the wavecel helmet lineup.

Bontrager Carbon Road Wheels

Value and quality abound in the new carbon road wheels from Bontrager. Light Stiff and comfortable.

Santa Cruz Carbon Wheels

Drool over some of the strongest lightest carbon mountain wheels available.

metric-shock-sizing tool and guide

Metric Shock Sizing Tool + Guide

Find the correct Metric Shock For your bike and learn all about metric Shocks.

Important Product Launches

Trek 2021 Slash

2021 Trek Slash

Check out Trek's fastest enduro bike yet.

Yeti SB115 launch

2021 Yeti SB115

Explore the Yeti SB115, the most capable XC bike and the fastest trail bike, all in one.

2021 Trek Emonda Launch

2021 Trek Émonda

Check out Trek's lightest, fastest climbing road bike to date.

2021 Evil Wreckoning launch

2021 Evil Wreckoning

Take a look at Evil's hardest-hitting enduro machine.

Trek 2020 Fuel EX Launch

2020 Santa Cruz Tallboy 4 + Juliana Joplin 3

All new for 2020, these XC Trail bikes with 130MM of travel are ready to rip.

Trek 2020 Fuel EX Launch

2020 Trek Fuel EX Launch

All new for 2020, the Fuel EX Lineup is a bunch of rowdy trail bikes that you will love.

2020 Santa Cruz Stigmata + Juliana Quincy 

All new for 2020, these two Santa Cruz Gravel / cyclocross bikes are sure to please.

2020 Pivot Cycles Vault

All new for 2020, the Pivot Cycles Vault is a ripping fast gravel bike with tons of utility too.

2020 Santa Cruz Hightower + Juliana Maverick

All new for 2020, these "goldilocks" bikes are our favorite new just right trail bikes.