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All New Trek E-Caliber

A Lighter, More Natural Feeling Electric Mountain Bike

What is the Trek E-Caliber?

Trek E-Caliber electric mountain bike profile

The Trek E-Caliber is an electrified version of their widely popular Supercaliber XC race bike. It’s one of the lightest electric mountain bikes on the market and aims to create a more natural and nimble experience on big rides where the climbs are just as important as the descents.

Trek E-Caliber is perfect for XC trails 
Who's It For?

You'll love the E-Caliber if

The Trek E-Caliber is for riders who want the ability to ride longer and farther, but don’t need a heavy, long-travel e-bike that’s geared more towards downhill.

It’s for mountain bikers who love the challenge of taking on epic climbs as much as owning fast descents.

And it’s for riders who want the option to be able to turn their electric bike into a non motorized trail shredder in a flash.

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E-Caliber Features

Trek E-Caliber electric mountain bike's lightweight frame

The lightest electric mountain bike yet

The E-Caliber is Trek’s lightest electric mountain bike. The top tier AXS model weighs in at only 35 lbs with the battery and drive system in, and under 29lbs without. This bike is made to sprint and climb with the best of them.

Trek E-Caliber uses the Fazua drive system

Infinite tailwinds with the Fazua drive system

The Fazua drive system is perfect for the lighter characteristics of the E-Caliber. Fazua’s all-new “Black Pepper” mtb tune offers more subtle assistance that seems less like a powerful boost you’d find on other e-bikes and more like riding with a constant tailwind. You’ll still get in a great workout and the bike will feel much more natural.

Trek E-Caliber allows you to remove the Fazua drive system and ride unassisted with less weight

Removable drive system for unassisted challenges

All Trek’s electric bikes ride perfectly well without the help of the battery and motor, but the E-Caliber goes a step further and allows you to completely replace the Fazua drive unit with a lightweight frame cover so you can drop 6 lbs and ride au naturale. There’s zero resistance from the motor when riding unassisted, and the frame cover doubles as additional storage space for ride essentials.

Trek E-Caliber uses IsoStrut shock for best of hardtail and full-suspension qualities

Best of hardtail efficiency and full suspension control

The 60mm of lightweight IsoStrut rear travel gives the E-Caliber more control, comfort, and traction than a regular hardtail without slowing it down. It’s the perfect amount of travel to keep you rolling quicker through the rough sections while maintaining efficiency on the uphills and sprints.

Trek E-Caliber has 120mm of front travel

120mm of XC ready travel

With 10mm of additional travel over the Supercaliber, the E-Caliber’s 120mm fork gives you plenty of downhill control without taking away from the bike’s purpose as a lightning fast XC weapon. You’ll be able to dominate the descents with confidence without sacrificing your speed everywhere else.

Trek E-Caliber has an easy-to-use Fazua bX remote

User-friendly remote with screen-free handlebar controls

There are no distracting screens on this e-bike, just a compact handlebar-mounted remote that’s sleek and easy to use. Engage the motor with a simple button and toggle through the 3 levels of assist for an intuitive, unintrusive riding experience.

E-Caliber Geometry and Fit

The E-Caliber has a few geometry changes from the Supercaliber that helps it handle better at higher speeds so you can really push your limits.

The head tube angle has been slackened to 69° from the Supercaliber’s 67.5° and the reach has also been lengthened by 10-15mm depending on the size.

Frame size letterSMLXL
Wheel size29"29"29"29"
A — Seat tube39.441.947.050.8
B — Seat tube angle72.3°72.6°72.8°72.8°
C — Head tube length9.010.010.511.0
D — Head angle67.5°67.5°67.5°67.5°
E — Effective top tube58.061.764.867.0
F — Bottom bracket height32.332.332.332.3
G — Bottom bracket drop5.
H — Chainstay length44.744.744.744.7
I — Offset4.
J — Trail10.910.910.910.9
K — Wheelbase112.6116.5119.7121.9
L — Standover76.876.876.876.8
M — Frame reach40.544.047.049.0
N — Frame stack60.961.862.262.7
Rider Height153.0 - 166.5cm
5'0.2" - 5'5.6"
161.0 - 175.0cm
5'3.4" - 5'8.9"
174.0 - 188.0 cm
5'8.5" - 6'2.0"
186.0 - 196.0 cm
6'1.2" - 6'5.2"
Inseam72.0 - 79.0 cm
28.3" - 31.1"
76.0 82.0 cm
29.9" - 32.3"
82.0 - 88.0 cm
32.3" - 34.6"
87.0 - 92.0 cm
34.3" - 36.2"

E-Caliber Models

Trek E-Caliber 9.9 AXS

Trek E-Caliber 9.9 XX1 AXS

  • Fork: RockShox SID Ultimate
  • Shock: Trek IsoStrut, Fox Factory shock
  • Drivetrain: SRAM XX1 Eagle AXS
  • Brakes: Shimano XTR M9120 4-piston hydraulic disc
  • Wheels: Bontrager Kovee XXX, OCLV Mountain Carbon


Trek E-Caliber 9.9 XTR

Trek E-Caliber 9.9 XTR

  • Fork: Fox Factory 34 Step-Cast
  • Shock: Trek IsoStrut, Fox Factory shock
  • Drivetrain: Shimano XTR M9100, Shadow Plus
  • Brakes: Shimano XTR M9120 4-piston hydraulic disc
  • Wheels: Bontrager Kovee XXX 30, OCLV Mountain Carbon


Trek E-Caliber 9.8 XT

Trek E-Caliber 9.8 XT

  • Fork: RockShox SID Select+
  • Shock: Trek IsoStrut, Fox Factory shock
  • Drivetrain: Shimano XT M8100, long cage
  • Brakes: Shimano XT M8120 4-piston hydraulic disc
  • Wheels: Bontrager Kovee Pro 30 Carbon


Trek E-Caliber 9.8 GX

Trek E-Caliberr 9.8 GX 

  • Fork: RockShox SID Select+
  • Shock: Trek IsoStrut, Fox Factory shock
  • Drivetrain: SRAM GX Eagle
  • Brakes: SRAM G2 RSC 4-piston hydraulic disc
  • Wheels: Bontrager Kovee Pro 30 Carbon


Trek E-Caliber 9.6

Trek E-Caliber 9.6

  • Fork: RockShox 35 Gold RL
  • Shock: Trek IsoStrut, Fox Factory shock
  • Drivetrain: Shimano XT M8100, long cage
  • Brakes: Shimano 4-piston hydrauilc disc, MT4100 lever, MT420 caliper
  • Wheels: Bontrager Kovee Comp 23


E-Caliber FAQs

Why is Fazua’s “Black Pepper” mtb tune better for mountain biking?

Black Pepper gives you assistance at higher cadences, and it also has more differentiation between the three modes. You’ll enjoy a more responsive start, and it gives you the ability to customize the support modes to suit your riding style.

What’s the range on the Fazua drive system?

The battery range depends on factors like how much assist you’re using, terrain, and rider weight, so it can vary anywhere from 20 - 50 miles. 

What are the watt-hour and torque specs of the drive system?

The battery is 250 watt-hours and the motor puts out 55Nm of torque.

What is the max tire clearance?


Can I run 27.5” wheels?

The E-Caliber is only compatible with 29” wheels and tires

What are the biggest brake rotors that will fit?


What are my chainring options?

As a maximum you can run a 32T chainring with a 52mm chainline OR a 36T with 55mm chainline. 30T is the minimum.

Can I add an aftermarket shock?

No, but you can use the supplied spacers to adjust the spring curve

What is the rear hub spacing?

148 x 12mm

How much dropper post insertion is there?

It depends on the size. S: 205mm / M: 270mm / L: 270mm / XL: 270mm