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2020-2021 Winter Cycling Gear Guide

Don't let winter keep you from riding


Once the season starts to change and the temps drop, it’s nice to have your cold weather riding gear already dialed in.

Being uncomfortable on the bike is no fun, and we’ve put together a list of some of our favorite winter cycling clothing, accessories, and components so you can enjoy the transition into the colder, wetter season.

Road + Mountain Bike Jackets

Keeping your core warm and dry is a great place to start when suiting up for a ride in cold or wet weather. A nice base layer is always good, but if the temps are low or the conditions are nasty, you'll want to pair it with a jacket that will keep out the elements. 


Bontrager Velocis Subzero Softshell Cycling Jacket

Perfect for: long, cold rides in drier conditions

Here's a great jacket for riders, especially road cyclists, who want to stay warm during long outings. This fitted thermal layer is the perfect way to trap in heat without burning you up, so you can keep your ideal temperature throughout your ride.

The softshell material is wind and water resistant but won't keep you dry in a downpour. It comes with 3 open back pockets for your necessities and an additional rear zippered pocket for things you can't lose. The fitted cut and thermal fabric retains heat and wicks away moisture for maximum winter comfort.

Price: $219.99

bontrager avert stormshell mountain bike jacket

Bontrager Avert Stormshell Mountain Bike Jacket

Perfect for: wet and windy conditions

The Bontrager Avert Stormshell Jacket is great for when the conditions worsen and you need a little extra protection. The stormshell material is waterproof and makes a great wind breaker for just about any rider, whether you're on the trails or commuting to work.

It's lightweight and breathable to help prevent you from over heating. You can pack it away in its own pocket, and the Boa-adjustable hood fits nicely over your helmet to keep the rain from running down your back.

Price: $199.99

Winter Cycling Gloves

Numb fingers are the bane of every rider's existence during the winter. Sometimes it can be tricky to find a glove that gives you the proper balance of warmth and dexterity, so we've chosen a couple of our favorites for you to check out.

Bontrager Softshell cycling gloves black and yellow

Bontrager Velocis Softshell Cycling Glove

Perfect for: road biking and commuting in cold temps

Bontrager's Velocis softshell gloves are a great all-purpose glove that'll keep you warm and dry in most conditions. They're wind and water resistant, which is perfect for all but the nastiest, wettest days. They might be a little too bulky for mountain biking, but they're spot on for road cyclists.

These gloves have a fleece thermal lining, touchscreen compatible fingers, and a soft nose wipe area. There's also plenty of grip and a cuff that's long enough to reach under your sleeves. 

Price: $79.99

100% Brisker Gloves

100% Brisker Gloves

Perfect for: chilly trail rides

The Brisker gloves strike a killer balance between insulation and dexterity so you can fully control your bike but still fight off the cold. The softshell top layer provides wind and water resistance as well as some extra padding, and there's plenty of grip so your hands won't slip off the bar.

These gloves are super versatile, and we wouldn't be surprised if after a few rides you start using them for other outdoor activities.

Price: $34.50

Winter Cycling Sunglasses

Proper visibility on the road or trail is always important, but once you're riding in the rain, mud ,or snow, it really helps to have great eyewear that will keep the grime from getting in your eyes or obstructing your view.

Since the days are shorter, you might find yourself riding in low light conditions, so for winter riding we recommend clear, yellow, or lightly tinted lenses. 

Tifosi Davos cycling sunglasses

Tifosi Davos

Perfect for: fuller protection and racing style

We like the Tifosi Davos because they provide plenty of coverage, look great, and stand up to heavy use. The single piece, vented lens won't fog up and gives your eyes the best protection possible.

They're light, strong, and a great buy for any activity.

Price: $69.99

Tifosi Veloce Fototec sunglasses

Tifosi Veloce Fototec

Perfect for: enhanced visibility and lightweight performance

The Veloce Fototec glasses are great for people who want to wear something sleek and durable. The lenses are impact resistant and provide superior clarity in low light or rainy conditions. They're super tough and comfortable to wear, so when you start rolling you've got nothing to worry about.

Price: $69.99

Mountain Bike Protective Gear

Wearing protective gear out on the trails isn't just safer, it's warmer too. Knee and elbow guards are a great way to get some added protection against the elements while simultaneously giving yourself some extra padding on slippery trails.

Teratec Knee Guard

100% Teratec Knee Guard

The 100% Teratec Knee Guard gives you great mobility and protection all in one. It'll save your knees and legs on rowdy trails. Smashing your knee on a rock during a cold ride is a sure way to ruin your afternoon, so suit up and give yourself an extra layer of protection and warmth on your next ride.

Price: $69.99

Teratec Knee Guard

Troy Lee Designs Stage Knee Guards

The Troy Lee Designs guard is another great option for mountain bikers who want to keep warm and protected from the elements and debris. These guards are designed to be comfortable and flexible while the D30 material hardens on impact to save your knee some unnecessary pain.

Price: $79.99

Headlights + Taillights

If you ride during the winter, you've probably found yourself getting caught by the dark at some point. Whether you're on the trails or out on the road, it's super important to be able to see and be seen properly, so we've picked out favorite lighting set up for you to check out.

Bontrager Ione Elite Flare R lights

Bontrager Ion Elite R/Flare R City Bike Light Set

We haven't me a single person who doesn't love these USB rechargeable Bontrager lights. There isn't much not to like here. The 1,000 lumen Ion Elite R headlight is wide and bright enough to light up any road or trail, and can be attached to your bars or your Bontrager helmet with the Blendr system. 

With great battery life and several modes, including a daytime flashing mode, this light won't let you down. The Flare R City is visible from afar, uses multiple eye-catching blinking patterns, and has a visibility angle of 180°.

Winter Bike Tires

Wet, slippery roads and trails often go hand in hand with the colder months, and having the right set of rubber can make the difference between a fun ride and a fishtailing nightmare. These tires offer extra grip so you'll have the traction you need to stay in control.

Shorty Tubeless Compatible Mountain tire

Maxxis Shorty Tubeless Compatible Mountain Tire

Perfect for: ultimate traction for trail, enduro, and downhill

The Maxxis Shorty gives you killer grip for extra rough or slippery conditions. The mid-spike design is great for winter riding, when the trails can be a little unpredictable. 

Price: $85.00

Continental Grand Prix 4-Season Black Edition

Continental Grand Prix 4-Season Black Edition

Perfect for: a great balance of grip and speed all year round

This Continental all-season road tire will give roadies the confidence to lean into those corners even in wet conditions. This long lasting tire will handle century after century and help you get the most out of the winter months.

Price: $79.95