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The 2021 Yeti SB115

The fastest trail bike and the most capable XC bike, all in one

Have you ever asked yourself something like:

“Should I buy a cross country racing bike or a fast and fun trail bike?”

Yeti’s answer: “Why not both?”

You’d probably say, “Yeah well I can’t exactly go out and buy two brand new bikes right now.”

Enter the new SB115. Now you don't have to.

Watch the video and see what we mean

So what makes the SB115
such an innovative genre-bender?

yeti sb115 getting air

Yeti has taken the main design of the SB100, their purebred short travel XC racing bike, and turned up the rowdiness so you get the best of both worlds.

On race day, the SB115 absolutely crushes climbs and is unbeatable on descents. It’s super responsive and erases little mistakes so the line you choose becomes the fastest way down. 

More control and more speed means more wins.

When you’re not on the course, the SB115 makes every millimeter of travel count, and makes for a killer trail bike that’s fun to whip around and pop up in the air. 

It is a Yeti after all.

Let's dive into the details...

yeti sb115 descending on single track

Designed for modern XC racing

The rigors of cross country racing are getting tougher every year.

Longer, multi-stage events coupled with rougher terrain add a new element of difficulty that takes a serious toll on riders.

The SB115 goes a step further than the SB100, and is designed to excel in these extra demanding situations, all while providing a fun, natural Yeti feel when you’re out for a joy ride.

image of yeti sb115 high and flat anti-squat curve

More rear wheel travel

The most notable difference for serious XC racers and trail riders comes from the 115mm of rear travel. To accomplish this, Yeti altered their Switch Infinity rocker link to accommodate a shock with a longer stroke. 

The Switch system still sits safely inside the frame like on the SB100, but the changes for 2021 allow the geometry to remain dialed for epically fast races.

The added travel helps provide comfort and control on grueling courses where hardtails just rattle your bones. Less fatigue on the body means you’re free to transfer that energy towards finishing first.

Plus, when race day is over and you’re just out for a good time, Yeti’s suspension system makes the bike feel much more fun, poppy, and capable than 115mm would suggest. Yeti rider Joey Schusler has said, “I’ve had to remind myself I’m not riding a SB130.”

shot of yeti sb115 riding rocky trail

130mm fork

The SB115 adds another 10mm of travel from the SB100 design, bringing 130mm of terrain-crushing suspension to the front end.

Yeti riders have noted that while the SB100 is definitely capable, it requires a higher level of precision when navigating tougher terrain. Geoff Kabush went on to say that the SB115 allows him to power through gnarly sections without worrying so much about being perfect.

This bike smooths out the course, and smooth is fast.

close up of yeti sb115 frame in anthracite silver

Efficient, Balanced, & Fun

The SB115’s geometry keeps the bike agile and responsive so you can rocket up climbs and navigate tight turns. The 74 degree seat angle keeps you in an efficient pedaling stance and the rear shock doesn’t work against you thanks to a high and flat anti-squat curve.

The 67.6 degree headtube angle is just a fraction slacker than the SB100 and offers the perfect balance between nimble handling and downhill control. Heading up, the bike feels punchy and quick. Pointed down, the SB115 feels confident and stable enough to have a blast on steep, rough trails.

While this bike is bred to win the most intense cross country races out there, it’s plenty capable enough for ripping up your locals trails, too.

SB115 Build Kits

Kit Upgrades

The C2 build kit can be upgraded to a SRAM AXS drivetrain.

The T1 kit can be upgraded with DT SWISS carbon wheels, and the T2 and T3 kits can be upgraded with AXS, carbon wheels, or both.

"T" stands for TURQ, Yeti's highest-end carbon fiber that provides the absolute best stiffness-to-weight ratio, and overall durability and performance that Yeti can make. 

C/series carbon is more affordable and still incredibly good, just not quite as light as TURQ.

Yeti SB115 C1 in anthracite grey

Yeti SB115 C1

  • Fork: FOX PERFORMANCE 34/130MM
  • Drivetrain: SHIMANO SLX
  • Wheelset: DT SWISS M1900 30MM


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Yeti SB115 C2 in Turquoise

Yeti SB115 C2

  • Fork: FOX PERFORMANCE 34/130MM
  • Drivetrain: SRAM GX EAGLE
  • Brakes: SRAM G2 R
  • Wheelset: DT SWISS M1900 30MM


Yeti SB115 T1 in white/blanco

Yeti SB115 T1

  • Fork: FOX FACTORY 34/130MM
  • Drivetrain: SHIMANO XT
  • Wheelset: DT SWISS XM1700 30MM


Yeti SB115 T2 in turquoise

Yeti SB115 T2

  • Shock: FOX FACTORY DPS 190 X 45MM
  • Fork: FOX FACTORY 34/130MM
  • Drivetrain: SRAM X01 EAGLE
  • Brakes: SRAM G2 RSC
  • Wheelset: DT SWISS XM1700 30MM


Yeti SB115 T3 in anthracite grey

Yeti SB115 T3

  • Shock: FOX FACTORY DPS 190 X 45MM
  • Fork: FOX FACTORY 34/130MM
  • Drivetrain: SRAM XX1 EAGLE
  • Brakes: SRAM G2 ULTIMATE
  • Wheelset: DT SWISS XM1700 30MM


SB115 Geometry

geometry graphic for sb115 frame
Measured in mmSMMDLGXL
ASEAT TUBE LENGTH393.0419.0457.0495.0
BTOPTUBE LENGTH577.3605.7630.9657.8
CHEADTUBE ANGLE67.667.667.667.6
ECHAINSTAY LENGTH436.7436.7436.7436.7
GESTIMATED BB HEIGHT339.5339.4339.3339.2
IHEADTUBE LENGTH92.6107.0123.2144.7
JAXLE TO CROWN540.0540.0540.0540.0
NFRONT CENTER688.8717.8743.9771.9
OVERTICAL FORK TRAVEL120.2120.2120.2120.2