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Free Shipping on Orders Over $50 Within Continental USA

The 2018 - 2019 Pivot Cycles Buyer's Guide

Find your next Dream Mountain Bike from Pivot Cycles, one of our favorite iconic American Mountain Bike Manufacturer based in Tempe, Arizona.

Why you'll want a Pivot Cycles Mountain, Dirt Jumper or Cyclocross Bike

Pivot builds mountain bikes for hardcore riders who want the best riding mountain bikes on the planet.

Riders rave about the dw-link suspension system which performs amazing for both small and large hits.

We're in love with the geometries of each model that feel "just right" for riders from 4'11' up to 6'7".

How to Use this Guide:

  1. Pick your preferred style of riding (Enduro / Downhill, Trail - a Mix of Terrain, or Cross Country / Singletrack).
  2. Scroll Down and read about the different bikes in your preferred category.
  3. Pick the wheel size you like (27.5, 27.5 plus, or 29er).
  4. Buckle Up and click through to explore the bike's product page more deeply.
  5. Pick your favorite style of drivetrain.

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Pivot Cycles Electric Mountain Bikes

Pivot Cycles Shuttle E-Mtb


Perfect for: Electric Mountain bike riding bliss

The shuttle was tested with the goal of creating an electric mountain bike that still offered a great ride even when the motor was turned off. This bike uses the Shimano E8000 assist motor to align the boost ouput with the pedal pressure of the rider. The Shuttle’s Shimano system successfully gives the rider a huge amount of additional power, as indicated by Pinkbike.

Pivot Cycles Shuttle Features

Sizes: S, M, L, XL

Wheel sizes: 29" and 27.5+"

Features: The lightest Class 1 e-MTB when launched; light but strong due to a 100% carbon frame; Shimano STEPS E8000, the longest-lasting eMTB battery; 140mm dw-link rear suspension

Pivot Cycles Shuttle E-Mtb Price: $9999 - Coming Soon


Pivot Cycles Enduro / Trail Mountain Bikes

Pivot Cyles Trail 429

Trail 429 Features:

Features:Sizes: XS, SM, MD, LG, XL

Wheel sizes: compatible with 29" and 27.5+"

Features: Fox Float DPS and DPxs shock options; super-short 16.9" (430mm) chainstays; 120mm dw-link suspension; and a full carbon frame utilizing the Pivot-developed, internal hollow-core molding technology

Trail 429 Price: $5,699

Shop the Pivot Trail 429

Trail 429

Perfect for: XC / Enduro / Trail

You may be familiar with the Pivot's Mach 429 Trail, a 120mm travel 29er that has been one of the most requested mountain bikes for years. The Trail 429 is simply the new version of the bike, with Mach now omitted from its name. Regardless if you are on a smooth or more rugged surface that would ordinarily require a longer travel, the Trail 429 is exciting to ride and maintains incredible speed, according to BikeRadar.

Shop the Pivot Firebird 29

Firebird 29

Perfect for: Enduro / Trail

The Firebird 29 uses as its basis the Phoenix DH geometry that has driven the bike to victory in races, combining a low center of gravity, shorter chainstays of 16.96" (431 mm), and an incredibly long 162mm of reach. Because of that blend of features, Mountain Bike Action said that the Firebird 29 is able to deliver a responsive and stable ride no matter what the terrain throws your way.

Firebird 29 Features:

Sizes: SM, MD, LG, XL

Wheel size: compatible with 29" and 27.5"

Features: Pivot's proprietary molding technology applied to cutting-edge carbon fiber; Fox Float X2 and DPX2 rear shock options; 162mm of dw-link suspension; 44mm offset 170-mm travel Fox 36 FIT Grip2 Factory and Performance Series forks

Pivot Cycles Firebird 29 Price: $6399

Pivot Cycles Firebird Features

Sizes: S, M, L, XL

Wheel sizes: 27.5"

Features: Phoenix DH-inspired long and low geometry; proprietary internal, hollow core molding technology and a 100% carbon frame made with cutting-edge carbon fiber materials; 170mm dw-link rear suspension with a double wishbone rear triangle, and upper clevis and linkage; short 430mm chainstays

Pivot Cycles Firebird Price: $6299

Shop the Pivot Firebird 29


Perfect for: Enduro

The Firebird uses massive, square-shaped main tubes and a dropped top tube so that there is lots of standover room. It also features the stability and control that come with the dw-link suspension. The precision used in the twin-linkage design of this system removes squat from the suspension. The dw-link greatly improves the ride of the bike, said Bike Magic, which noted that you can get the Firebird up to speed quickly coming out of corners.

Shop the Pivot Mach 6

Mach 6 Carbon

Perfect for: Enduro / Trail

The Mach 6 Carbon has enough lateral rigidity to stay balanced through the diciest sections of ground, sufficiently lightweight to perform like a trail bike, and can put up with a lot of abuse if the rider is willing to absorb some force themselves. In the manufacturing process, the inflatable bladder delivers pressure to the semi-rigid shell, giving better compaction to the layers within the mold. This process allows for the frame of the Mach 6 Carbon to come out of the mold almost complete, which allows for a consistently perfect fit, noted Pinkbike.

Mach 6 Carbon Features

Sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL

Wheel sizes: 27.5"

Features: dw-link suspension with 155mm of rear travel and 160mm of front travel; 12 x 148 Boost rear spacing; Fox Float DPX2shock with EVOL, custom-tuned; and a complete carbon frame using a proprietary internal, hollow-core molding technology with cutting-edge carbon fiber materials

Mach 6 Carbon Price: $6199

Pivot Cycles Mach 6 Aluminum Trail / Enduro Mountain Bike

Mach 6 Aluminum Features

Size: XS, S, M, L, XL

Wheel size: 27.5"

Features: Long and low, size-specific enduro geometry (XL, Large, and Medium); custom-tuned Fox Float DPS shock with EVOL; aluminum frame with innovative hydro-forming, producing carbon-grade handling, precision, and strength

Pivot Cycles Mach 6 Aluminum Price: $3999

Shop the Pivot Mach 6 Aluminum

Mach 6 Aluminum

Perfect for: Enduro / Trail

The Mach 6 was initially released as a carbon bike, since that material has become so high-demand among serious mountain bikers. Pivot was getting higher sales than ever for its carbon frame bikes, so the introduction of the Mach 6 Aluminum may seem confusing. The reason for the aluminum version is that hydro-forming methods now allow for variable wall thicknesses along the tube, allowing the designer to optimize the strength-to-weight ratio of a carbon fiber chassis with an aluminum one.

Mach 5.5 Carbon Anniversary Edition

Mach 5.5 Carbon Anniversary Edition

Perfect for: Trail

Email Us for more information

This bike is a limited and numbered edition of the high-performance trail bike that was Pivot's flagship. The bike honors the rise Pivot made from a startup at Interbike 2007, when it had just a handful of staff, to more than 50 employees today, as noted by Pinkbike. Marking the decade with the Mach 5.5 Carbon Anniversary Edition is also a way of highlighting the successes that Pivot has had against the competition, with wins at the Fat Bike World Championships, Red Bull Hardline, and World Cup Cross Country, among others.

Mach 5.5 Carbon Anniversary Edition Features

Sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL

Wheel Size: 27.5"

Features: 10th anniversary paint and components throughout; fits forks up to 160mm travel; new long and low geometry; 140mm dw-link rear suspension

Pivot Cycles Mach 5.5 Carnon Anniversary Price: $8199

Pivot Cycles Mach 5.5 Enduro Mountain Bike

Mach 5.5 Carbon Features

Sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL

Wheel size: 27.5"

Features: Can be used with up to 160mm travel forks; 180mm rear post mount disk brakes; short 430mm (16.9") chainstays; long and low geometry; 140mm dw-link rear suspension

Pivot Cycles Mach 5.5 CarbonPrice: $6199

Shop the Pivot Mach 5.5 Carbon

Mach 5.5 Carbon

Perfect for: Trail

The Mach 5.5 Carbon is named in part after its travel, which is 5.5" or approximately 140mm; while the Mach 5 series of bikes is named after the car from the Speed Racer cartoon. The DW-Link system that is central to Pivot design both provides the Mach 5.5 Carbon with an excellent wheel path and great efficiency, according to Enduro Mountainbike Magazine. The dropper toptube of the bike allows you ample room for your body, while its reasonably contained geometry and 27.5" wheels create lively operation.

Shop the Pivot Switchblade


Perfect for: Trail / Enduro

Pivot built the Switchblade using a rear chainline and width that is more typical of DH bikes; the bikemaker calls this system Super Boost Plus. Switchblade is known for its versatility, specifically the ability to use 29ers of up to 2.5 inches or 27.5+ tires up to 3.25 inches with an optional front derailleur. Pivot allows you to switch to plus-size wheels with a 17mm lower headset cup, which Bike Magazine says is a preferable way to keep geometry consistent than adjusting the fork travel.

Switchblade Features

Sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL

Wheel size: Compatible with 29" and 27.5+

Features: New long and low geometry; super-short 428mm chainstays; fits 29ers up to 2.5" and 27.5+ up to 3.25" wide

Pivot Cycles Switchblade Price: $6399

Pivot Cycles Switchblade Aluminum Mountain Bike

Switchblade Aluminum Features

Sizes: S, M, L, XL

Wheel size: Compatible with 29" and 27.5+"

Features: 135mm dw-link suspension; 428mm chainstay; next-gen, hydro-formed aluminum frame; long and low geometry

Pivot Cycles Switchblade Aluminum Price: $4099

Shop the Pivot Switchblade Aluminum

Switchblade Aluminum

Perfect for: Trail / Enduro

The Switchblade, initially released in 2016 as a carbon model, was the first trail bike to use Super Boost Plus 157. The tire clearance was wide, the chainstays were short, and you had space to put in a front derailleur if you wanted. The frame and rear wheel were stiffer because of the wider rear axle spacing. The finished bike was a strong trail/enduro model that was poised and easy to handle, producing high performance with either 27.5+ or 29er tires. The Switchblade Aluminum, introduced in April 2018, lowers the price of the model while offering the same options, rideability, and features, explained MTBR.


Pivot Cycles Cross Country (XC) / Trail Mountain Bikes

Pivot Cycles Mach 429Sl Carbon Mountain Bike

Shop the Pivot Mach 429SL Carbon

Mach 429SL Carbon

Perfect for: XC / Trail

This bike has great stability when stuff gets scary, while still delivering speed efficiency that can help win races. Calling the Mach 429SL Carbon one of its favorite XC race bikes, MTBR noted that the bike was ridden to an Epic Series title and World Solo 24 Hour Championship, among others.

Pivot Cycles Mach 429L Carbon Features

Wheel sizes: 29"

Sizes: S, M, L, XL

Features: Internal, hollow-core molding technology combined with a World Cup grade 100% carbon frame; 5.2 lb (2.4 kg) frame and complete weight below 23 lb (10.4 kg)

Pivot Cycles Mach 429SL Carbon Price: $5799

Pivot Cycles Mach 4 Carbon

Pivot Cycles Mach 4 Carbon Features

Sizes: XS, SM, MD, LG, XL

Wheel sizes: 27.5"

Features: 5.1 lb (2.3 kg) frame weight and sub-22 lb (10 kg) complete weight; proprietary internal, hollow-core molding technology and 100% carbon frame using cutting-edge fiber materials; 115mm dw-link suspension with trail and race tuning

Pivot Cycles Mach 4 Carbon Price: $5699

Shop the Pivot Mach 4 Carbon

Mach 4 Carbon

Perfect for: XC / Trail

This XC race bike has earned the top of the podium at World Cup events and the Olympics. It was updated for 2018 with a 148 rear triangle. Like other Pivot bikes, its centerpiece is the dw-link suspension system from Dave Weagle. The Mach 4 Carbon also features Boost 148 spacing that makes it possible to fit on 2.6" tires.

Pivot Cycles LES Cross Country (XC) Mountain Bike

Shop the Pivot LES


Perfect for: Cross Country / Singletrack

This cross country hardtail was first introduced in 2012. The bike has a 69.5 degree head angle, which is slack for XC standards, combined with a 100mm travel fork and short chainstay. Dirt Mag Magazine noted that the LES maintains great performance whether you are using it as a lightweight racing bike or increasing the fork travel to 130mm and taking advantage of its hardtail capabilities.

Pivot Cycles LES Features

Sizes: S, M, L, XL

Wheel sizes: 29" or 27.5"+

Features: Boost 148mm rear and 110 mm front spacing; innovative racing geometry; proprietary internal hollow-core molding technology with a 100% carbon frame; new Swinger II dropouts

Pivot Cycles LES Price: $4799

Pivot Cycles LES 27.5 Cross Country Racing Mountain Bike

Pivot Cycles LES 27.5 Features

Sizes: XS, SM, MD, LG

Wheel sizes: 27.5"

Features: Complete bikes under 19.4 lbs (8.79 kg); innovative hardtail racing geometry; proprietary internal hollow-core molding and ride-tuned full carbon frame; Boost 148mm rear and 110mm front spacing

Pivot Cycles LES 27.5 Price: $4799

Shop the Pivot LES 27.5

LES 27.5

Perfect for: Cross Country Racing

An XC race and trail bike that is based on the race-winning LES hardtail geometry, the LES 27.5 was reconceived for 2018 with Boost axle spacing and the incorporation of a design similar to the LES 29. This bike has been proven on the race circuit, noted Bicycling, with a prototype of the extra-small model ridden by Chloe Woodruff of the Pivot race team for half of the World Cup season.

Pivot Cycles LES Fat Versatile Mountain Bike

Shop the Pivot LES Fat


Perfect for: 4 Season fat tire riding

The versatility of the LES Fat is perhaps its most defining feature. The bike can operate with just about any wheel size and tire width. Plus, given its Swinger dropout system, it can be converted into a singlespeed. MTBR noted that the LES Fat can be used for trail riding, touring, and even XC racing in a pinch.

Pivot Cycles LES Fat Features

Sizes: S, M, L

Wheel sizes: 26x4", 26x5", 27.5"+, 29"+

Features: Proprietary internal hollow-core molding technology used with a 100% carbon frame; stay shaping and sleak top tube, with the biggest downtube in its category; Swinger II dropout system that allows for all plus/fat wheelsizes

Pivot Cycles LES Fat Price: $5299


Pivot Cycles Downhill / Gravity Mountain Bikes

Pivot Cycles Phoenix DH Mountain Bike

Pivot Cycles Phoenix DH Carbon Features

Sizes: S, M, L, XL

Wheel sizes: 27.5"

Features: 244mm dw-link suspension; proprietary molding technology and a lightweight 100% carbon frame; easy-to-adjust Fox Float X2 Evol shocks

Pivot Cycles Phoenix DH Price: $5399

Shop the Pivot Phoenix DH

Phoenix DH Carbon

Perfect for: Downhill

The speed and handling of this downhill bike are proven, with victories at the Red Bull Hardline, World Cup, and Crankworx. Performance of the bike is credited to the dw-link suspension, as noted in MTBR. That component allows for better pedaling from the Phoenix DH Carbon due to its variable wheel travel path and anti-squat.


Pivot Cycles Dirtjumper Bikes

Pivot Cycles Point Dirtjumper

Shop the Pivot Point Dirtjumper


Perfect for: Dirt Jumping

This dirt jumper uses DMR chromoly steel to improve on the strength and performance of other bikes on the market. As noted in VitalMTB, the frame comes with standard 135mm vertical dropouts, but you can also switch to singlespeed using horizontal dropouts.

Pivot Cycles Point Features

Features: 1.5" tapered and integrated head tube; 100-120mm suspension fork design that can fit up to 130mm; short seat tube, low BB, long top tube, and compact chainstays

Wheel sizes: 26"

Pivot Cycles Point Price: $500

Pivot Cycles M4X Full Suspension Dirtjumper Bike

Pivot Cycles M4X Features

Wheel sizes: 26"

Features: 142mm rear spacing, 12mm through axle, and 160mm post mount dropouts; dw-link suspension with anti-squat; M4X slalom/dirt jump Boost valve and new Adaptive Logic RP23 Kashima shock.

Pivot Cycles M4X Price: $1799

Shop the Pivot M4X Dirtjumper


Perfect for: Dirt Jumping

This bike, suited for slalom racing, dirt jumping, or the terrain park, has been ridden to top finishes in dual slalom races and Best Trick at the Claymore Challenge. As indicated by an MTBR user review, the lightweight strength of the M4X makes it lively and easy to handle for both jumping and trail rides.


Pivot Cycles Cyclocross / Gravel Bikes

Pivot Cycles Vault Cyclocross Bike

Shop the Pivot Vault Cyclocross Bike


Perfect for: Cyclocross Racing / Gravel Grinders

This all-surface bike is built ready for cyclocross racing or stage racing throughout the year. The Vault was updated in 2017 with Shimano's new flat mount brake system, better tire clearance, an oversized crown, and new full carbon, taper-steerer fork, as indicated by Roadbike Review.

Pivot Cycles Vault Features

Sizes: XS, S, M, L

Wheel sizes: 700cc

Features: Innovative cross/gravel/road geometry; reduced chatter through an oversized fork crown; 1.5" tapered steerer carbon fork and 12mm thru axle; 100% carbon frame with proprietary internal hollow-core molding technology

Pivot Cycles Vault Price: $4199


What Makes a Pivot a Pivot

dw-link™ suspension

Probably the ultimate point of focus when people talk about what sets a Pivot apart from other bikes is its dw-link™ suspension, which is its proprietary suspension technology. This system makes it easier during hard pedaling, with its position-sensitive anti-bob. Plus, it’s a snap to get forward momentum coming out of corners and when sprinting, as well as when ascending hills, whether standing or seated.

Pivot Carbon Technology

Another key factor when people choose this bikemaker is Pivot carbon technology. The carbon frames used in Pivot bikes are manufactured via hollow core internal molding. Traditional methods leave frames needing hours of work to fill imperfections with epoxy. This technology does not require all the refining once it comes out of the mold, resulting in a stiffer and lighter frame.

Frame design standards that were created by Pivot and are used by the company include:

Tapered head tube

The LES, Mach 4, March 5.7, Mach 6, Mach 429, and M4X models all have lower OD of 56mm and upper OD of 44mm, with a 1.5 zero stack headset. The result is that the design is stronger and lighter, with a low front-end height and optimal flexibility.

Press Fit 92 BB

This system is used to improve the support of the bearings and their alignment. It does not contain any external washers or threads in the shell. The bearings are within a completely sealed sleeve, in light composite resin.

Direct mount front derailleur

Pivot was the first bike company to do away with problems in the location and angle of derailleur mounting by mounting it directly on the front triangle of the frame. This design additionally gives the front derailleur a more stable and rigid mounting surface.

Oversized Bearings

Another element that is a differentiator for Pivot is their use of over-sized bearings. The use of larger EnduroMax bearings means that they last longer and that the frame runs more smoothly. The frames are stiffer and more durable because of these bearings, in conjunction with the overall linkage design.

Bikes For all Riders

Finally, with a staff that is more than a quarter women, Pivot has developed expertise creating bikes that are highly suitable for smaller riders. Fundamentally, Pivot is keen on customization, so their perspective is that the bike should fit the rider. A balanced fit and adjusted geometry are key to rider-size-specific geometry, allowing the design to have the correct handling and wheelbase length for smaller riders.

Tons of Build Kit Options

One thing we love about Pivot Cycles is that most models come with multiple build kit choices. It can be a bit confusing at first, but it lets you order the dream bike you want.

* You can see that there is diversity in the Summit lineup of bikes just as there are factors that make the Pivot a Pivot. Whether it is the carbon technology, the dw-link suspension, or the proven race record of Pivot, they are a compelling option. At Summit Bicycles, we can help you find the Pivot model that best meets your needs.