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Demo Bikes

Demo Bicycles from Summit Bicycles

Trek X-Caliber 9
$1,579.99 - $1,659.99
X-Caliber 9 is the top-end model in the X-Caliber family. It's a fully race-ready cross country mountain bike built with parts designed to compete. A RockShox Judy Silver fork with remote lockout, a Shimano drivetrain, and a wide-range cassette make it a great choice for fast singletrack riders who want a great bike that's ready to race right out of the box. It's right for you if... You measure your rides in speed and distance, and want a fast XC bike that will help you cover more trail in less time. You race, or you could see yourself getting into racing, so you want a hardtail with competition-level parts that can give you an advantage on the trail. The tech you get A lightweight Alpha Gold Aluminum frame, RockShox Judy Silver fork with remote lockout, Bontrager Kovee wheels, and Boost110 thru axle front hub all work together to give X-Caliber 9 exceptional handling. The Shimano XT/SLX 2x11 drivetrain has smaller jumps between gears and a clutch-equipped rear derailleur to reduce chain noise. The final word X-Caliber 9 is a speedy, nimble, and efficient XC hardtail that's perfect for riders with a racing pedigree and anyone who dreams of covering epic distances out on the trail. Why you'll love it - It's a great bike for someone who's just getting into serious racing: you get high-end XC parts on an awesome frame with enough cash left over for entry fees - There's nothing as sweet as a silent ride: the clutch rear derailleur prevents chain slap, even in the rough - Front and rear Boost hub spacing opens the door for high-end wheel upgrades - The 31.6mm seat tube gives you the option to install a dropper post when you want to tackle rowdier terrain
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Faraday DEMO BIKE Porteur
$3,499.99 - $3,500.00
This is a demo bike. Lightly used, heavily loved. Bike has been fully tuned. All worn out components have been replaced and the bike is ready for you to enjoy. All demo bikes come with full manufacture warranties, and Summit's famous lifetime tunes. Faraday's Porteur will surprise your friends when you tell them it’s electric, and it will surprise you when you realize just how much is possible on a bicycle with a little boost. This steel modern utility bike is packed with a bevy of useful features, including wood fenders for all-weather riding, a low-maintenance Shimano Alfine 8-speed internally geared hub with belt drive, integrated front and rear lights, and multiple options for carrying cargo. The Porteur is powered by a 250-watt motor that packs the power to get you over any hill along with the battery life to last up to 20 miles of pedal-assisted riding. With a battery recharge time of under three hours, Faraday's Porteur is ready for doing more than you ever thought possible.
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