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Trek MT-201

Trek MT-201
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Say goodbye to driveway! With the MT-201 trail a bike, you and your young rider will be able to cover some real distance and ride at speeds that they will love.

Whether you are trying to help your child gain confidence or you just want to go for a family ride without worrying about a halfway-there-meltdown, this tag along option is perfect and a ton a fun for everyone.

Trek's MT-201 tag along, or trail a bike, is a great way to ride farther and faster with your kids while still giving them the feeling that they are riding a bike. When kids feel empowered, they are more likely to enjoy the transition to two wheels more easily. Plus, you can do and see more when you're in control so that 3 mile trip to the beach is well within reach.

The MT-201 pedal trailer lets your child tag along on rides and practice balancing while pedaling. It fits any conventional bike and features a 20-inch wheel with a fully adjustable saddle, a safety flag for extra visibility, and a foldable arm for storage. It's a great fit for kids 45-52-inches tall.

It's right for you if...

You want to take your young ones on longer, hillier rides, but they don't quite have the stamina to keep up with mom and dad. Or maybe they're not fully stable on a two-wheeler yet, and you want to use this as a training tool for balance and a chance to teach your kids about the rules of the road.

The tech you get

This pedal trailer has a 20-inch wheel, a durable steel frame, a fully adjustable saddle bar, a safety flag for visibility, and a foldable arm for storage. There are no brakes, and the pedals on this trailer don't always have to be in use, so your little ones can take a break, focus solely on balancing, and cruise without affecting efficiency.

The final word

MT-201 is a great way to enjoy time riding with kids who aren't quite ready to ride alongside you. It's also a great teaching tool for balance and the rules of the road. If you want to bring your kid along on longer rides and are worried about them keeping up or staying stable on their two-wheeler, this pedal trailer is the ideal solution.

Why you'll love it

1 - MT-201 keeps families riding together, regardless of age or experience level
2 - This is a great teaching tool, and an awesome way to introduce your young ones to the joys of cycling
3 - The importance of cycling safety cannot be understated, and this trailer offers the perfect opportunity to teach your kids the rules of the road