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Yeti ARC For Sale

yeti arc

Who's it for?

Hardtail enthusiasts and XC riders with rowdy tendencies

Why you'll love it:

It's lightweight, responsive, and versatile and doesn't hide on descents

Yeti ARC Specs

Built for: XC & trail

Front travel: 130mm

Wheel size: 29 inch

Head tube angle: 67°

Seat tube angle: 76°

Yeti ARC Details

The new Yeti ARC is a redesign of a classic Yeti mountain bike that helped pushed the boundaries of the sport. 

The new model is no different in that regard. 

The ARC is a high performance hardtail that owns XC style rides and holds its own on rowdy trails. It's fast, light, and ready for just about anything you throw at it.


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