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Yeti SB130 For Sale

Yeti SB130

Who's it for?

Trail riders that love big climbs and wild descents

Why you'll love it:

It's a do-it-all bike that's a great choice for any ride

Yeti SB130 Specs

Built for: all-around trail

Rear travel: 130 mm

Front travel: 150mm

Wheel size: 29 inch

Head tube angle: 65.5°

Seat tube angle: 77°

Yeti SB130 Details

If you're going to have one bike for every situation, it might as well be the Yeti SB130. 

It has a surprisingly big mountain feel to it even though it's a mid travel trail bike, but what else would you expect from this Colorado brand?

 It punches well above its weight when you need it to, and maintains snappy, aggressive trail characteristics all over the mountain.


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