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Yeti SB165 For Sale

Yeti SB165

Who's it for?

Extra aggressive trail and enduro riders

Why you'll love it:

It's a heavy-hitting trail machine that stands up to any drop, jump, or hit

Yeti SB165 Specs

Built for: enduro, freeride & park

Rear travel: 165 mm

Front travel: 180mm

Wheel size: 29 inch

Head tube angle: 63.5°

Seat tube angle: 77°

Yeti SB165 Details

The Yeti SB165 is built to stand up to the scariest trails and terrain you're willing to ride. 

With tons of travel and long and slack angles, you'll have the confidence to go bigger than ever. 

Whether you're taking on the enduro course or an insane drop or jump, the SB165 will help you do it with style.


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