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Free Shipping on Orders Over $50 Within Continental USA

Free Shipping on Orders Over $50 Within Continental USA

summit bicycles store front santa clara

Summit Bicycles Santa Clara

Summit Bicycles is proud to offer you great service in Santa Clara, CA. You can find us at the Santa Clara Town Shopping Center in between Sprouts Farmers Marker and Meriwest Credit Union.

We specialize in helping people pick the perfect electric and hybrid bikes, and we are ready to help you with bike rentals and repairs.

Our Specializations

man riding haibike electric mountain bike

Electric Bikes

Explore our incredibly fun electric bike models. Add some boost to your trail crushing, road riding, or city commute.

Shop Electric Bikes

Electric Bikes Guide

Hybrid Bikes

Browse our huge selection of comfortable, versatile hybrid bikes that are perfect for workouts, commuting, and exploring.

Bike Repairs

Let our expert technicians get your bike rolling smoothly again.

man and woman riding bikes around town

Bike Rentals

If you want to explore the area or test a new model, renting a bike is the way to go.