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Brand Guides

Explore bikes from Santa Cruz, Yeti, Evil, Trek & more

Check out our guides to some of our top-selling brands here at Summit. We'll give you all the best info on tons of models in each guide, so you can compare and contrast and find the perfect new ride. Whether you've got a favorite bike company in mind or you're still deciding on who to go with, our brand resources will help you pick the right one for you.

Santa Cruz Buyer's Guide

No matter what your style, if you like to ride off-road, Santa Cruz has some incredible models you're sure to drool over.

Yeti BIkes Buyer's Guide

Check out the new gravity-loving trail, enduro, and cross country bikes from your favorite Colorado company.

Evil bikes Buyer's guide

Born in the Pacific Northwest, Evil bikes are more viscous than the heart-stopping trails they were built to shred.

Trek Bikes Buyer's guide

Trek is one of our top selling brands and they've got something for every rider, regardless of style or price point.

Norco Bikes Buyer's guide

Norco is the biggest bike manufacturer in Canada and we're excited to carry their extensive line of great models.

Explore our Forbidden Bikes Buyer's Guide

Forbidden Bikes Buyer's guide

Explore the Forbidden Druid and Forbidden Dreadnought, two high pivot mountain bikes taking the trails by storm.

Electra Bikes Guide

Electra beach cruisers, commuters, and ebikes are dripping with style and they're a blast to ride.

Explore our Cevelo Bikes Buyer's Guide

Cervelo Bikes Buyer's guide

Cervelo road and gravel bikes are designed to be the fastest models out there. If you have a need for speed, you'll love Cervelo.

pivot cycles Buyer's Guide

Explore the wildly capable bikes of this iconic mountain biking brand from Temple, Arizona.

Trek FX Hybrid Bikes Buyer's guide

The Trek FX is a bike for everyone. Check out how this versatile hybrid is great for fitness, commuting, recreation, and more.

Bontrager Bike parts, Accessories, Clothing & gear

We love Bontrager for its killer quality, value, and warranties. Bontrager is our most popular brand of accessories, parts, clothing and cycling shoes.