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Bike Buyer's Guides

Find the best bikes for your style of riding

At Summit Bicycles we're a firm believer that there's a great bike out there for everyone, and no matter how you like to ride you deserve to find one you love. In our Bike Buyer's Guides, we break down some of the most popular categories of bikes so you can browse models and get a better idea of what you're looking for.

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Gravel Bike Buyer's Guide Image

Gravel Bike Buyer's Guide

Explore the road less traveled on a fast and fun gravel bike that's great for making your rides more interesting.

Electric Bike Buyer's Guide Image

Electric Bike Buyer's Guide

Whether you commute to work, cruise the bike paths, or ride road or trails, you can do it faster and have more fun on an electric bike.

Family Bike Buyer's Guide Image

Electric Mountain Bike Buyer's Guide

eMTBs are sweeping the nation, but with so many models to choose from, how do you know what you actually need? Check out our eMTB guide for a complete breakdown.

Family Bike Buyer's Guide Image

Cruiser Bikes Buyer's Guide

Cruiser bikes are super comfortable and stylish and they're a great choice for casual riders, families, and commuters alike.

Trek FX Hybrid Bike Guide Image

Trek FX Hybrid Bike Buyer's Guide

Fitness bikes like the Trek FX line are perfect for zipping around town and getting in a workout on the weekends. If you're looking for something quick and comfortable, check out these fitness bikes.

Family Bike Buyer's Guide Image

Family Bikes Buyer's Guide

Our family bikes guide offers a great look at our best selling kids bikes and comfortable hybrids and cruisers for adults that will make family rides a blast.