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Mountain Bike Suspension Services

Summit Bicycles is your one stop shop for maintenance and suspension services. Keeping your gear in the best shape keeps you safe and helps you get the most out of every climb and every descent. Our team is committed to keeping you and your mountain bike on the go by keeping your forks, shocks, and dropper posts in excellent shape. Our mechanics are certified, extremely knowledgeable, and experienced in mountain bikes and builds of all shapes, sizes, and brands.

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Why is suspension service so vital?

Regular maintenance on your mountain bike not only ensures a smooth ride, but it keeps you and your bike safe. While there are many methods you can do at home to keep your bike in great condition, it’s important to regularly have your bike serviced professionally. Maintaining a healthy suspension gives you the smoothest, most controlled ride, making you less susceptible to injuries and damages to your bike!

MTB Suspension Structure & Maintenance


Does your fork feel rough, wobbly, or rigid? A fork in need of servicing can slow you down and decrease your control, making your ride bumpy and unenjoyable. Our service team will help you get your fork back to peak performance! 

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Keep your rear wheel tracking like it was designed to! Our experts will make sure your shocks are finely tuned and your set up is personalized to meet your riding needs.

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Dropper Posts

If your dropper post is starting to feel spongey, or has a delayed return, it's probably time to have it checked. We'll help you prolong the life of your dropper post and keep your ride smooth.

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mtb suspension service intervals

Recommended Service*
Suggested Maintenance Interval
Lower Fork Service (oil seals & wipers)
Every 30-50 hours of riding
Full Shock ServiceAnnually/every 100 hours of riding
Shock Air Can Service (oil seals & wipers)Every 30-50 hours of riding
Full Fork Overhaul/Inspection Annually/every 100 hours of riding OR post-crash

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*Service intervals are only recommended times. Intervals can/should be shorter if you are a heavier (over 185lbs) rider. Also if you ride aggressively, meaning do lots of descending on fast and rough terrain like bike parks or similar, servicing would be beneficial more often.

Brands We Service

FOX Suspension Service

All of our service departments have FOX certified technicians. By working closely with the Fox Factory, we know all the ins and outs of the latest products and services, and always hold current FOX suspension accreditation.

RockShox Service

RockShox components are known for their excellent quality and durability. Our Summit service technicians are experts on getting your RockShox kits tuned to give you the best ride, every time.


How does regular suspension service effect my riding?

Overall suspension sensitivity and performance improve while simultaneously helping avoid stanchion damage. Seals wear out and then begin to leak. Leakage problems affect your compression adjustment knobs by having trapped debris and nitrogen in the oil supply. These can all be remedied by servicing.

How often should you service MTB suspension?

Services should be scheduled in accordance with the durability of your equipment, how often you ride, and how rough your typical riding terrain is. Most manufacturers recommend a total overhaul of your gear every 50-100 hours spent riding. Preventative maintenance and upkeep should be done regularly, or every 20-40 hours of riding. 

How much does it cost to service a full suspension mountain bike?

Pricing for mountain bike suspension services vary based on the wear and tear of your equipment. Standard pricing is typically $100-$250.

What are some symptoms my suspension may exhibit to indicate they need service?

  • When the fork compresses it will feel like there is extra resistance upon returning to its resting state. The fork or shock stanchion should always feel slippery. If it feels dry while it oscillates, you're due for a service.

  • If your fork or shock begins to feel jarring, and loses small bump sensitivity. 

  • The rebound and compression adjusters don’t adjust the way the fork behaves. 

  • The fork or shock is not holding air pressure or is releasing a lot of oil to the point it looks like a seal could be damaged.

It's always better to be safe than sorry! If you're not sure, give us a call at (855)245-3663 and we'd be more than happy to assist.

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