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Summit Bicycles:
Your Custom Bike Builder

Build your custom bike with us!

The team at Summit Bicycles are some of the most experienced custom bike builders in the country, and we love nothing more that helping our customers build the bike of their dreams.

Whether you have a carefully selected wish list or you want some professional advice on what parts to choose, we can help you create a bike that's absolutely perfect for you and the way you ride.

Read on to see how to start your custom bike with us, or skip all the extra info and reach out over the phone or thru online chat!

Check out this recent custom mountain bike build

To give you an idea of what the possibilities are, take a look at this awesome custom Santa Cruz Tallboy that we build up for a customer recently.

Looking for more inspiration? Check out more of our customer's dream bike builds!

How to build a custom bike with Summit Bicycle's

You dream it. We build it. 

Most bike shops make customers feel like a burden when it comes to custom orders, and that's not right! When you work with Summit Bicycles, you'll always feel appreciated and well cared for.

We know how special a custom bike is, and we aim to make the entire process seamless and enjoyable! 

There are two ways to get started.

Method 1. Build a custom bike directly through the Summit Bicycles Dream Build program

By far the most popular way to build a custom bike with the Summit Bicycles is our Dream Build program, where you explore our whole catalog and start from scratch with the help of our expert team. 

Choose any bike frame we carry or can order, and build it with our extensive inventory of parts. After the frame and parts have all been ordered and received, one of our expert technicians will build up your dream bike.

Once the bike is built, we can ship it anywhere in the contiguous US. And if you're in the Bay Area, you can come visit us and ride it right out of the store.

To get started, contact our team.

Or Chat With Us Live

Method 2. Build a custom Trek bike through the Trek Project One program

This method is for riders who want a custom Trek bike. You can pick a color scheme that isn't offered at the stock level, and there are a few component options and ways to personalize your bike with custom decals. If that sounds like you, then click the link below to get started.

Excellent service for every type of customer

Whether you have it all figured out or you want some help deciding on the best bike and parts for your style of riding, we're happy to give you as much or as little assistance as needed. 

Generally, customers who are interested in custom bikes fall into one of 3 categories:

The Bike Nerd

Bike Nerds typically know exactly what they want for their custom bike, from the frame to the stem length and everything in between. 

If you have it all figured out and just need help ordering parts and putting it together, we're excited to see what awesome ride you've cooked up in your head!

If this sounds like you, your next step is to browse our catalog, make your mental wishlist, and contact our team

Or Chat With Us Live

The Idea Generator

Idea Generators have a frame and a handful of key components in mind, but might want a little help deciding on the rest of the build.

If you have a dream bike in mind but want some advice on which parts will help you get there, we're stoked to collaborate!

If this sounds like you, your next step is to hone in on which frame and key components you want, then contact our team and we'll help out from there. Reading this entire guide may help you come up with more ideas.

Or Chat With Us Live

The Big Picture Person

Big Picture People know they want an incredible bike that perfectly suits their style of riding, and they're willing to get some consultative assistance to help make that dream a reality.

If you're not sure where to begin, we can help with that too!

If this sounds like you, your next step is to contact our team so we can understand your riding style, goals, and budget.

Or Chat With Us Live

Available categories, brands, models, and products

In order to find out what frames and parts we can use for your custom bike, you should check out some of our top categories, brands, and models so you have an idea of what we can get you. 

Explore the links below to check out our catalog and discover some options. But remember, it's always best to ask someone on our team if you're not seeing a product you want, because we may be able to special order it for you.

Custom Mountain Bikes

Custom mountain bikes comprise the majority of our Dream Build program. We are always up to speed on the latest and greatest MTB frames and parts, so we're stoked to help you build your unique version of the ultimate mountain bike.

Contact our team to get started on your custom mountain bike.

Or Chat With Us Live

Here's a list of some of our most popular brands and models that customers have chose to build their custom mountain bikes around:

Popular Custom Trek Mountain Bikes

  • Trek Supercaliber: a super lightweight XC race bike with IsoStrut rear shock
  • Trek Top Fuel: a capable short travel full suspension bike for XC style trail riding
  • Trek Fuel EX: a do-it-all 29er trail bike with 150/140mm travel and tons of geo adjustment
  • Trek Slash: a purebred 29er enduro race bike with tons of travel 
  • Trek Remedy: a 27.5" freeride/enduro bike with 160mm of travel

Popular Custom Santa Cruz Mountain Bikes

Popular Custom Evil Mountain Bikes

  • Evil Wreckoning: a long travel 29er for enduro style trail ripping
  • Evil Insurgent: a long travel park bike with either 27.5" or mixed wheels
  • Evil Offering: a mid travel 29er for big days up and down the mountain
  • Evil Insurgent: a short travel 29er trail slayer that climbs like a goat

Popular Custom Yeti Mountain Bikes

  • Yeti SB120: a short travel 29er that's built for epic climbs and downcountry descents
  • Yeti SB140: a versatile 29er mid travel trail bike that's designed to be good at everything
  • Yeti SB160: a 29er enduro race bike that's built to win titles

Popular Custom Forbidden Mountain Bikes

  • Forbidden Druid: a high pivot 29er trail bike 
  • Forbidden Dreadnought: a high pivot 29er enduro machine

Popular Custom Juliana Women's Mountain Bikes

  • Juliana Joplin: a 120mm travel 29er that's great for big climbs and fast descents
  • Juliana Wilder: a 29er XC racer that punches way above its weight on the downs
  • Juliana Roubion: a mixed wheel, 150mm travel trail bike for epic terrain
  • Juliana Furtado: a mixed wheel 130mm bike for ripping up the trails and the park

Custom Road Bikes

Whether you're building up the ultimate race weapon or you just want a unique bike to turn heads on the group rides, we can help you create the custom road bike of your dreams.

Contact our team to get started on your custom road bike.

Or Chat With Us Live

Here's a list of some of our most popular brands and models that customers have chose to build their custom road bikes around:

Popular Custom Trek Road Bikes

  • Trek Madone: the ultimate race bike with speed and aerodynamics that are 2nd to none
  • Trek Domane: a versatile road racer that's good in the hills and the flats
  • Trek Emonda: a scary light climber that's designed to podium in the hills

Popular Custom Pinarello Road Bikes

  • Pinarello Dogma: a Tour de France perennial that maxes out speed
  • Pinarello Paris: a classic, versatile race bike that does it all
  • Pinarello Prince: an endurance spec'd race machine that's smooth over rough surfaces

Popular Custom Cervélo Road Bikes

Popular Custom OPEN Road Bikes

  • OPEN Mind: a seriously stiff and lightweight road bike that oozes class

Custom Gravel Bikes

With a custom gravel bike you can dial in the performance of your ride to excel in races or off the beaten path. Whether you have a taste for adventure or you have your sights et on the podium at Unbound, building a specially-made steed is a perfect way to get more enjoyment out of your rides.

Contact our team to get started on your custom gravel bike.

Or Chat With Us Live

Here's a list of some of our most popular brands and models that customers have chose to build their custom gravel bikes around:

Popular Custom OPEN Gravel Bikes

  • OPEN Upper: a coveted gravel/endurance road bike that's fast on any surface 
  • OPEN Wide: a monstercross style gravel bike with clearance for meaty tires

Popular Custom Cervélo Gravel Bikes

Popular Custom Trek Gravel Bikes

  • Trek Checkpoint: a versatile gravel bike that's equally adept at races and bikepacking

Popular Custom Santa Cruz Gravel Bikes

Popular Custom Evil Gravel Bikes

  • Evil Chamois Hagar: progressive gravel design that'll seek out the singletrack

Once you've got a frame in mind, it's time to pick some parts

A custom bike is much more than just a pretty frame. It's a unique collection of carefully selected components that help dictate how your dream build performs out on the road or trail. Plus, a bike's spec list is what really tells the most about the rider. 

Browse our catalog and start figuring out which parts will make the cut.


For custom mountain bikes, suspension is one of the most important areas to consider after you've picked a frame. 

Top Suspension Brands

Wheels & Tires

The wheels you're rolling on says a lot about your build, and they have a massive impact on how your custom bike rides.

Top Wheels & Tires Brands


Dialing in your cockpit is one of the most fun ways to personalize a custom build and have it stand out. These parts drastically impact your fit and overall comfort, so choose wisely!

Top Cockpit Brands


Is your custom bike going to be a 1x MTB or a 2x road warrior or maybe even a single speed spaceship? Find all the parts you need to pedal your bike right here.

Top Drivetrain Brands


The right brakes can make all the difference in your confidence and control, so explore the options below and find the perfect set for your style of riding.

Top Brake Brands


Time to polish off your custom bike with the right perfect gear for maximum performance and enjoyment!

Top Accessory Brands

Custom Bike Inspiration: Dream Build Videos

Want to get stoked about your future custom bike? Check out some of our Dream Builds being expertly assembled in the videos below. Careful, you might end up mesmerized by the super satisfying process.

Custom Pinarello Dogma F12 Road Bike

Another dialed customer build for our mechanic Erik to meticulously assemble for your viewing pleasure. The best part was being able to deliver the bike to the customer so that it could be put through its paces. A big thanks to them for letting us be a part of this project.

Custom Norco Range Mountain Bike

Some of you may recognize this from the Norco booth at Sea Otter. The gold paint was to celebrate the Range winning Pinkbike's Bike of the Year Award this year. 

Norco has been putting out home run after home run with their bike releases. If you haven't gotten a chance to ride one, do everything you can to swing a leg over one of their products!

Custom Mosaic RT-1 Road Bike

This was a custom titanium frame from the guys over at Mosaic. Spec'd with Lightweight Meilenstein wheels and a full Campy drivetrain this build is a welcome departure from the usual suspects we see through the shop. 

Custom Evil Offering v2 Mountain Bike

This custom Evil Offering is kitted out with an ELEVENSIX shock, some sweet Enve hoops, and a number of other unique components that will help it shake the forest.

Watch more dream build videos

Did you enjoy those as much as we do? Head to our YouTube channel to see all the Dream Build videos we've filmed over the years. You might find some other stuff you like while you're there.

Custom Bike FAQs

Why would someone want to build a custom bike?

Building a custom bike serves two purposes. First it allows you to tailor your bike so that it's perfect for your riding style and goals. Second, custom bikes are awesome! There's nothing quite like riding a bike made just for you, and turning heads is pretty fun too.

Can I customize a bike?

In short, absolutely! The word "customize" can mean replacing a few parts here and there on a stock bike you already own, but it can also apply to starting from scratch and creating something totally unique. One of the great things about bikes is the ability to mix and match parts to build a ride that's perfect for you.

How much does a custom bike cost?

Custom bikes can mean one of two things. 

One option is to work with a custom frame builder to build a frame that's unique to your sizes and preferences, and those frames can cost upwards of $5,000 or more depending on the manufacturer and material. 

The other option is to pick out a stock frame and customize it with parts you select. Quality carbon frames typically cost between $2,000 and $3,000, plus whatever parts you decide on. Both options can add up, it really depends on what frame and components you choose.

Is building a bike hard?

If you don't have any training or knowledge or tools, building a bike is probably not the smartest idea. A stock bike might only need the pedals and handlebars to be attached, but if you're hoping to start from scratch, it's best to leave the installation of all your precious parts to trained professionals. We see far too many customers bring bikes in after having tried and failed to assemble them on their own.

Is it cheaper to buy a bike or build it?

It's almost always cheaper to buy a completely stock bike than to buy all the parts individually and install them.

What size frame do I need for a bike?

Each manufacturer sizes their bike frames a little differently, so you'll need to check out the size charts for that specific brand to find the appropriate size for you.

How do I know what parts will work with my custom bike?

There's no easy answer here. Basically, if this is a question you're asking, you likely will want to get help from a bike shop. 

There are a fair amount of different standards when it comes to bike parts, and components are designed with specific sizes, diameters, and attachment systems. Unless you are very confident in your ability to research the nuances of component compatibility on your own, you should consult professionals at a bike shop.