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Check out the Druid and Dreadnought, two insanely fun and capable mountain bikes that absoultely rip.

Want to learn more about the two different models and their high pivot suspension design?

Forbidden Bikes Guide

The no holds barred Druid XT was specced from the ground up with performance and rock-solid reliability in mind, two elements you’ll want when you hit the terrain this tearaway was designed for. Our ‘One Ride’ geometry philosophy ensures consistent sizing across the spectrum, giving riders of all shapes and sizes a shared ride experience aboard the Druid. The 65.6-degree head tube angle, an ‘actual’ seat tube angle and stack height that increases per size back this up and the front and rear centres, which similarly grow per size, dish out one of the most balanced rides going. With 150mm travel up front and 130mm in the rear, combined with a suspension system that eliminates unwanted and detrimental drivetrain forces, the Druid XT will be begging you to go places few trail bikes dare.
$5,999.99 $6,699.00 10% Off
The Ziggy Link-equipped Druid GX, our first out-of-the-box, ready-to-rip, mixed wheel size hell-raiser, takes the corner slaying abilities of the full-29er Druid and turns them up to 11. Featuring our signature ‘One Ride’ proportional geometry not only ensures a consistent ride experience, regardless of size or stature but also amplifies what the Druid GX can do on the trail. Separated by more than just a 27.5in rear wheel, the Druid GX goes further, knocking 0.5 degrees off the head angle and dropping the bottom bracket by 4mm compared to its full 29er siblings. If the intentions of the Druid GX were in any doubt, the Crankbrothers front and rear tuned Synthesis wheels, full SRAM GX 12-speed transmission and G2 four-piston anchors should go some way to establish that it’s here to party. 01 CARBON CONSTRUCTION As the heart of any frame, the quality of the carbon construction is paramount to both ride quality and durability. To this end, we partnered with one of the leading manufacturers in the business which allows us to stand behind our product 100%. 02 HARDWARE Our hardware is a testament to our attention to detail, from the forged Rate Control linkages to the custom stainless steel screws that hold everything together, we have spared no expense in the finishing of the Druid leaving nothing to chance. 03 CABLE ROUTING We don’t discriminate against rightys or leftys and our adaptable cable routing allows you to neatly route the Druid’s cables and hoses no matter where in the world you come from or with what hand you operate your rear brake with. 04 REAR SHOCK COMPATIBILITY The Druid comes equipped with a custom-tuned Fox DPX2 shock, but if your heart is set on something a bit more ‘heavy-hitting’, we have you covered. There is enough room in the Druid to fit the largest of air shocks with a leverage curve that is coil ready from the get-go. 05 WATER BOTTLE FITMENT Even our smallest Druid frame size can fit a full-size 26oz water bottle, regardless of your rear shock reservoir. Remember, hydration is your friend, but sweaty backs most definitely are not. 06 FRAME PROTECTION A quiet bike is a fast bike and a clean bike is less prone to problems, so we developed a full suite of custom frame protection to keep the noisy bits quiet and the hard to clean bits free from crud. 07 CHAIN GUIDE SOLUTION All that high pivot goodness requires a solid chain retention solution so we turned to the chainguide experts over at ethirteen to develop a retention system specifically for the Druid. 08 ACCESSORY MOUNT The ‘under the top tube’ mounting screws allow for the attachment of various accessory mounting solutions; pump, tools, a banana, the kitchen sink, go crazy, just don’t hang a water bottle there. 09 THREADED BB Sometimes the old ways are the best ways. 10 148 REAR HUB SPACING Boosting 29” rear wheel stiffness since 2015.
This custom chainstay protector for the Druid and Dreadnought not only protects your swingarm from chain slap, it also protects your ears (and others in the forest) from any unwanted noise thanks to the vibration dampening [raised] bumps and soft rubber compound. To install, simply remove the old one by peeling it off, cleaning the surface and removing any remaining adhesive residue with some isopropyl alcohol (or something similar). Then remove the adhesive backing from the new one and apply firmly and preferably at room temperature.
Designed to prevent unwanted scuffs and damage to your downtube from shuttling with your pride and joy, Forbidden’s universal adhesive shuttle guard can be applied to the downtube of any bike in seconds. To install, simply clean the surface, remove any dirt or greasy residue (with some isopropyl alcohol or similar), remove the adhesive backing (without contaminating the adhesive pad with greasy fingertips) and lightly affix in a desired position, preferably at room temperature or above. If you’re happy with the position, somewhere close to 110mm from your lower headset race is pretty close, apply some pressure to the guard and you’re ready to shred.
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