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Bontrager Spring Roll Seat Bag

Bontrager Spring Roll Seat Bag
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Get that extra weight off your back and onto the bike where it belongs.

The Bontrager Spring Roll Seat Bag is the perfect solution for overstuffed, uncomfortable jersey pockets and bulky or unreliable bags.

From now on, your ride essentials will stay securely fastened while still being easily accessible. You'll forget they're even there until you need them, and having one less thing to think about makes all the difference out on the road or trail.

The Spring Roll Seat Bag uses a roll-up design for easy packing and a three pocket system for plenty of storage space. The Boa system makes putting it on and taking it off a breeze, and the weather resistant material will protect your gear from the elements.

It's the perfect addition for the road cyclist who wants to relocate their flat kit, or the mountain biker who likes to ride with minimal extra gear. Check out the features for more details.

Weight: 107g
Dimensions: 33cm x 26cm

With three generous pockets, there's plenty of room for a compact pump, a multi tool, spare tube, tire levers, CO2, and some snacks. Fill it with whatever you need, then fold the two sides over and cinch it down. No need to dig around through a bag to find what you need! 

Attach the bag with the centered security strap, buckle it up, and twist the Boa dial to get everything snug and secure. It's a super fast and easy process that keeps the bag from swaying or hanging too low. The closure system is also padded to minimze weat on the saddle rails.

The waxed canvas contruction is water resistant and helps keep your gear dry and clean on wet, grimy rides.

The Spring Roll Bag improves your on-road visibility so cars can see you better in low light situations.

Part Numbers

601842252345 596916 BAG25228183K