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Sigma Sport BC 23.16 STS

Sigma Sport BC 23.16 STS
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The BC 23.16 is the top-line model most suitable for competitive cyclists. It contains a STS speed transmitter, STS cadence transmitter, and R1 STS heart rate transmitter. It is loaded with important cycling, altitude, cadence and heart rate functions and includes all transmitters. It features an enormous logging capacity of up to 500 hours. Plus, using the DATA CENTER, a previously ridden ride can be selected and used as an opponent in a "ghost race."

Bike functions:

- Speed
- Trip distance
- Total distance (bike 1/ bike 2)
- Ride time
- Total ride time (bike 1/bike 2)
- Average speed
- Comparison of current/avg. speed
- Maximum speed
- Clock (12/24)
- Temperature
- Watt power (calculated)
- Ghost race

Cadence functions:

- Current cadence
- Average cadence

Altitude functions:

- Altitude graph
- Current altitude
- Current gradient
- Altitude gain/loss (current trip)
- Distance uphill/downtown
- Maximum altitude (current trip)
- Total altitude uphill (bike 1/bike 2)
- Total distance uphill (bike 1/bike 2)
- Total altitude downhill (bike 1/bike 2)
- Total distance downhill (bike 1/bike 2)

Heart rate functions:

- Heart rate graph
- Current heart rate
- Average heart rate
- Maximum heart rate
- Zone graph showing heart rate as % of max heart rate
- Intensity zones graph
- Calories/Total calories


- Logging up to 500 hrs.
- Interval settings of 5/10/20 seconds
- Lap count up to 50 laps
- Lap view
- NFC communication with Android smartphone via SIGMA LINK
- Full text display with 7 available languages
- Predefined tires sizes
- 2 adjustable wheels (bike 1/bike 2)
- Ride time up to 100 h
- Automatic Start/Stop with motion sensor
- Back-up function via memory chip
- Battery warning (computer and transmitter)
- 12-month workout statistics
- Automatic bike recognition (bike 1/bike 2)
- Selectable target heart rate zones
- 2 starting/home altitudes
- Zoom function
- Backlight
- Watertight in accordance with IPX8
- Tool-free mounting